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Vision and Mission: The Franciscan Center in Greensboro seeks to provide a Christian presence and witness to the local community that reflects the best of the Catholic and Franciscan traditions.

Specifically we:
  • Provide a variety of "inter-faith" opportunities for spiritual growth, which include monthly programs, days of prayer and reflection, and spiritual counseling.
  • Encourage the empowered laity to share ministry through their involvement as program presenters, staff advisors, and volunteers.
  • Foster, encourage, and support activities that promote community, justice, and peace.

Dear Friends,

It is always a joy to share Good News!! The grading of the property has begun and will be followed by the laying of the foundation of St. Francis Springs Prayer Center. Everything was finalized in June, thanks to the work of so many people over these past 3 years and, in particular, of members of the Building Committee during the past few months. Hours of meetings and deliberations have taken place. Through it all, we always began with prayer for guidance and truly feel that God has helped us to use what seemed to be many delays and challenges to bring about plans for a place that will truly reflect the presence and peace that God desires for all of us.

Now we are counting on all of you to pray with us that during the next 9-12 months the construction of the Prayer Center will go well. We plan on making a monthly journal of the progress with both photographs and video. You will be able to see the photographs on display at the Franciscan Center- so please stop by and rejoice with us as St. Francis Springs Prayer Center takes shape. Scripture tells us, "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." The Lord has directed us faithfully so far, and now we continue to pray for those who will be building the Prayer Center.

Financially, there are still challenges ahead for us. As you can imagine, these times in our country and in our world have had effects on our fundraising. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all that has been given so far while at the same time trusting that, through others, God will continue to provide us with what we need for the future. All our benefactors are part of joining God in building a place that can re-create us when and how we most need it.

The Lord bless you and give you PEACE!


Fr. Louis Canino, ofm
Director of St. Francis Springs Prayer Center




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